Service Is Our Business


If you are looking to purchase, upgrade, or extend the coverage for your radio communication system, The Radio Guys are available to consult with you.  The Radio Guys will help you design a customized and effective communication system that will meet your needs.The Radio Guys can also consult with you In cases of a natural or man-made disasters to ensure you and those around you have an effective emergency communication plan. 



The Radio Guys are fully equipped to install radios, light bars, and sirens either on site or at our shop. Installations are guaranteed for the life of the vehicle.  Please call for estimates.


The Radio Guys offer two-way Radio repair at a flat rate of $110.00 plus parts. 
Pagers are repaired at a flat rate of $135.00
Ship us your broken equipment and we'll fix it and send it back.

Spectrum Management

The Radio Guys are versed in licensing requirements by the FCC.  We can assist in all of your licensing needs.